This June, our amazing special offer is one of our Dermalogica Spa Custom Facial (normally €99) AND a 30-Minute Back Massage (normally €65) AND a €25 Spa Voucher off your next treatment, for only €99. That’s a 40% discount!


Rhona Torrance recently visited us for a Summer Refresh package, and here’s what she had to say about her experience… 

My husband recently treated me to a back massage and Dermalogica facial at The Buff Day Spa as a gift – I thoroughly enjoyed the treatments and left feeling relaxed and truly pampered.

First of all I had my back massage with a friendly therapist called Paula. After getting me settled comfortably onto the massage bed, she asked me if there were any areas of my back that I’d like her to focus on specifically. I hold all my tension in my shoulders (which were like rocks when I arrived!) so I asked Paula if  could pay extra attention to them. She also asked how much pressure I would like, which is fairly firm. Then she offered an extra of aromatherapy oils, which I opted for, and the smell from them was divine.

Paula expertly kneaded away all the knots and tension from my back, and she made sure to return to my shoulders several times throughout the massage session. The pressure was firm and just perfect for me – but Paula made sure to check a few times throughout the session that it was ok. I was completely relaxed when it was finished and my back and shoulders felt tension free! It was heavenly!

Next up was my Dermalogica facial. I was passed into the expert hands of a different therapist called Niamh. She asked me first of all where I had any areas of concern on my skin. I pointed out my oil t-zone and also the fine lines around my eyes and cheeks, which I’d noticed more of since recently turning 40! Niamh said that she could get rid of these fine lines – I was a little sceptical this would be possible but I remained cautiously optimistic!

First of all, Niamh cleaned my skin using some gorgeous Dermalogica products. Then she covered my eyes and examined my skin under a bright lamp and identified my skin type as combination – she also explained that my skin was extremely dehydrated (hence those pesky fine lines!).

Niamh gently steamed my face before tackling my blackheads! She then applied a facial mask that would help rehydrate my skin and let me relax while it got to work. After that, she removed the mask and gently massaged my face and neck – it was sheer bliss and I almost nodded off on several occasions because I was so relaxed! Finally, she applied a moisturiser mixed with a booster for additional hydration.

Then it was time to see the results! When Niamh put the mirror on front of my face, I honestly couldn’t believe the transformation in my skin! It looked luminous and plumped up, and there wasn’t a fine line in sight – I couldn’t believe how good it looked!

Before I left, Niamh gave me a personalised facial map with the recommended Dermalogica products I should be using for my skin type. I already use Dermalogica products, but it turns out I was using the wrong moisturiser for my skin type so that was very valuable information! I was able to buy the right one in the spa’s well stocked shop before I left.

I can’t wait to return. The Buff Day Spa’s central location in Dublin means it’s ideal for a spot of lunch or an alternative type of therapy (retail!) before or after your visit. There’s also a relaxation area and sauna, which I didn’t have time to visit on this occasion, but I’ll make sure to do that next time.

I thoroughly recommend The Buff Day Spa to you if you’re looking for some pampering!