Celebrating 20 years!

Ageless Beauty for The Buff’s Birthday Bash!

Getting older and still looking fantastic is the marvel of modern beauty and aesthetics; and The Buff Day Spa in Dublin 2 is a case in point.

The luxurious day-spa on South King Street is celebrating twenty years in business in December. And, while treatments have changed pretty radically in two decades, the professionalism and care at this calm and welcoming city-centre haven has never altered.

Owner, Eileen Fleming, says the industry is as innovative and rewarding as ever, and that delighted customers make it all worthwhile.

“From day-one, The Buff was conceived as a soothing haven, where the very best natural and technologically-advanced beauty solutions would enhance our customers lives and wellbeing. And, I am delighted to say that this award-winning formula has not changed.”