Contraindications That May Affect Your Treatment


There are some circumstances when we may not be able to carry out the treatment you are hoping to have done with us.

To avoid disappointment, please let us know at the time of booking if any of the below are relevant to you:

  • When pregnant, some treatments are not safe to do. These treatments carry the following icon: 
  • If you are pregnant, we can do maternity massages from the 14th week of pregnancy. This is to ensure your and your baby’s safety.
  • If you are trying to conceive, we cannot do massage as there is always a possibility of early pregnancy.
  • If you have given birth in the last six (6) weeks, we cannot do massage as the body is still in recovery mode.
  • If you have had surgery in the last six (6) months (including caesarean section), we cannot perform massage as the body is still in recovery mode.
  • If you have any form of cancer/have been in remission for less than two (2) years, we can’t do massage, facials or waxing.
  • If your skin has been sunburnt, we need to delay performing Super Hair Removal treatments and some others to avoid damaging the skin further.
  • If you have fungal infections on your hands and feet, we cannot perform manicures or pedicures.
  • If you have Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex), we cannot perform a facial as they are highly contagious.
  • If you have eye infections, e.g. Conjunctivitis, we cannot perform a facial.
  • If you have an overactive thyroid, we cannot do Voya treatments, as Seaweed can speed up your thyroid.
  • If you are using oral steroids for your skin or a topical steroid cream (i.e. a cream used for treating acne), we cannot perform exfoliation during facials, as they can thin the outer layer of the skin.

Any information you disclose with us is strictly confidential. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01-6774624 or email us at [email protected]