Dermalogica Spa Custom Facial

€99 (55 mins)

Sometimes we need a professional skin therapist to talk to about our skin, someone who understands what our skin needs and knows what to do to improve it! This is where a Dermalogica Spa Custom Facial comes to the rescue. The amazing difference between this treatment and most others available is that this treatment will be completely customized for you! Your therapist will lead you into your candle lit treatment room where you will be made comfortable on a heated bed before your treatment will begin.

We aim to deliver the best Dermalogica treatment we can! We will begin with a double cleanse while asking you questions about how you find your skin so we know what you would like to achieve from the treatment. We then complete a Dermalogica face mapping skin analysis which gives your therapist a chance to have a good look at your skin and decide on how to give you the best treatment possible.

Everything in the rest of the treatment will be totally adapted for your specific needs. We can complete extractions, an exfoliation and customize face masques depending on your needs. We pride ourselves on including a luxurious facial massage which includes your chest and shoulders for ultimate relaxation. Once your therapist has completed your treatment, she will give you an opportunity to ask any questions and make recommendations for your skin.

After your treatment, your therapist will guide you back to our relaxation area where you can sit down and relax before rejoining the hustle and bustle of the city centre outside.

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