Back Massage 

€65 (30 mins)

Our backs take a lot of pressure in our lives—whether from work or play! Tension can be carried in our neck, shoulders, lower back…causing us stress and pain. Who of us doesn’t need to treat this essential part of our body with a bit of TLC? The Half-Hour Back Massage is a wonderful treatment to ease away these pains.

When you arrive at the Spa, you will get changed into a cosy robe and a pair of spa sandals to help your relaxation begin.  If you would like to come into the Spa at least a half-hour before your treatment starts, you can begin your experience by relaxing in our Relaxation Area. Your therapist will find you and take you to your treatment room after greeting you by name.

Once in the room, your therapist will ask a few questions to personalise your massage to help you get the most from this treatment.  You will be asked if you have any specific area/s you would like her to concentrate on—what type of pressure you prefer—would you like to add a personalised blend of Essential Oils to enhance your massage?  You may want light pressure to help you relax or maybe deep pressure to help work out those annoying knots! Your therapist will adjust your massage to suit your needs.  Your back will thank you at the end of your session.

After your massage your therapist will encourage you to drink plenty of water and stay away from caffeine to help continue to rid your body of toxins.  You can enjoy a glass or two of water in the Tranquility Room or Relaxation Area before facing the streets of Dublin again!  If you feel like you need a course of Back Massages to set your back to rights, you can purchase the course when you check out and receive a free “add-on” with each massage. Add-ons include Essential Oils or Hot/cold Stones.

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