Vitality Break

Vitality Break €158

Want your whole body to be glowing?  Then this 90-minute package is what you want!  The Vitality Break contains three of our body pampering treatments—the 30-Minute Back Massage, the Voya Express Scrub and the Dermalogica Buff Express Facial. (If you want to extend your treatment, both the massage a facial can be upgraded for longer-lasting enjoyment).

You will be greeted by name by your therapist and taken into your treatment room to start your time with the 30-Minute Back Massage. Before you get onto the bed your therapist will ask a few health questions, what kind of massage pressure you prefer, are there any specific areas you would like to her to concentrate on and if you would like to add an essential oil blend to your massage to benefit your massage further.  You then will lay on the heated bed with your head resting comfortably in the specially designed bed.  As your massage begins, you will feel the tension start to leave your body as attention is given to your lower back, upper back, neck, shoulders and arms!  If there are any knots hiding away, she will find them and work them out.  You will get up from the bed feeling like a different person.

After the massage comes the Voya Express Body Scrub. This full-body exfoliation will leave your body polished and your skin soft and glowing!  Your therapist will personalise the scrub by finding out if there are any specific areas you would like her to focus on.  Your skin will feel invigorated as it is buffed with the ground-down seaweed mixed with botanicals.  A refreshing shower washes away the scrub and impurities from your skin.  Once you are fully dry and back on the bed, you are moisturised with our organic body cream, leaving your skin nourished, soft and glowing!

To give you optimum results for your Dermalogica Buff Express Facial, your therapist will ask some questions about your skin and the result you would like to achieve from your facial so that she can pick out the appropriate products to treat your skin!   As you lay back and relax your face will receive a deep cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, customized face masque, then finish off with your skin-suitable moisturiser.  You will leave the room feeling so rejuvenated!

What an oasis in the busyness of Dublin’s City Centre!