What are the benefits of Eneka Pro?

The Eneka Pro Diode Laser’s innovative technology allows the best results from the first session, maximising the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Eneka Pro Diode Laser improves skin quality, helping eliminate unwanted hair and improving problems such as folliculitis. 

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is given the brush-off at the speed of light with the new Eneka Pro Diode Laser hair removal system that is now exclusively available at Dublin’s Buff Day Spa.

The fastest laser in the world, Eneka Pro is a powerful medical-grade device with a large head, capable of quickly treating wide areas for exceptionally fast and comfortable hair removal.

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Completely pain-free, the diode laser has integrated skin cooling for gentler treatments. It is effective on all skin tones, hair types and density, from thick, dark hair to lighter, fine hair, as the laser action is customised for each client and body area.

Melanin, the substance that gives the hair its colour, absorbs the laser light and transforms it into heat, precisely destroying the hair source without damaging any surrounding tissue.

Eneka PRO also improves skin quality, helping eliminate encrusted hair and improving problems like inflamed hair follicles.

The innovative new laser system gives excellent results in permanent reduction of hair and adapts to each person’s skin and hair type.

Laser hair removal with Eneka PRO permanently eliminates active follicles in a course of sessions. It is inexpensive and quick and is the easy answer to beautiful, smooth skin.

Before treatment, the client should avoid sun exposure, self-tanning and hair bleaching products and is advised to use total sunblock on the treated area for a few days afterwards.

A patch test must be carried out 48 hours before treatment.

Imagine never having to wax, shave or pluck again, never having to deal with stubble, re-growth, ingrown hairs or razor rash! Call us on 01-6774624 to book your free consultation today.

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Treatment Type Per Session Course of 6
Standard Bikini €55 €275
Californian €65 €325
Brazilian €88 €440
Hollywood €95 €475


Treatment Type Per Session Course of 6
Full leg €123 €615
Half leg €83 €415


Treatment Type Per Session Course of 6
Lip €23 €115
Eyebrow €23 €115
Chin €28 €140
Jawline/Cheeks €33 €165
Full Face €95 €475


Treatment Type Per Session Course of 6
Nipples €23 €115
Underarm €43 €215
Half Arm €49 €245
Abdomen €58 €290
Buttocks €70 €350
Thighs €88 €440
Full Body €350 €1,750


Treatment Type Per Session Course of 6
Lip & Chin €43 €215
Underarm & Bikini €95 €475
Half Leg & Underarm €126 €630
Half Leg & Bikini €130 €650
Half Leg & Brazilian €148 €740
Full Leg & Bikini €175 €875
Half Leg & Hollywood €175 €875
Full Leg & Hollywood €215 €1,075
Full Body & Full Face €445 €2,225


Treatment Type Per Session Course of 6
Half Leg, Bikini & Underarm €175 €875
Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm €220 €1,100
Full Leg, Hollywood & Underarm €250 €1,250



How does Eneka Pro work?

Eneka Laser delivers pulses of light into the skin, which are selectively absorbed in the melanin (dark pigment) that surrounds each hair follicle. The heat is absorbed and conducted down the follicle to destroy the root and germ cells to remove the hair permanently. The wavelength used by Eneka Pro is highly absorbed in melanin, guaranteeing the best results.

What are the benefits of Eneka Pro?

The Eneka Pro Diode Laser’s innovative technology allows the best results from the first session, maximising the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Eneka Pro Diode Laser improves skin quality, helping eliminate unwanted hair and improving problems such as folliculitis. 

Is it safe?

Yes, provided it is performed by qualified and trained personnel. The Eneka Pro technology has built-in safety mechanisms to customise each treatment, ensuring safety on all skin types. Eneka Pro is a medical-grade laser and conforms to all safety regulations.   

How many sessions?

The number of sessions depends on the areas of the body treated, the colour and thickness of the hair, skin type and specific features of each person.

Most people can achieve maximum results in 6-8 sessions, by maximum results it will achieve 85-95% clearance of hair from the area. The laser can only treat hair in the growing or Anagen phase, so a series of treatments are required as dormant hair moves into the Anagen stage over time.

Is it permanent?

The device includes innovative technology that achieves excellent results for the permanent reduction of hair and adapts to the conditions and needs of each person. Hair removal with Eneka Pro Diode Laser permanently eliminates the active follicles in each session.

How long does each session last? 

Treatment with Eneka Pro is quicker because it can treat a larger area of skin with each pulse than most lasers, and moving at up to 3 pulses per second can treat large areas very quickly. For example, full legs can be treated in ten-fifteen minutes with the large spot-size handpiece. 

Should I take precautions? 

For 3-4 weeks prior to treatment, you should avoid direct sun exposure to the treatment area, and avoid the use of self-tan or bleaching products. You should also not wax before and during your course of treatment as we need the hair growing intact in the follicle.

What are the side effects?

The treatment with Eneka Pro minimises the risks, it is normal to experience: skin reddening, residual or perifollicular erythema, that disappear in 24/72 hours after the treatment, if the instructions of the operator are followed. 

What do I need to do before I start treatments?

The first step for you with us is to come in for a consultation and patch test. Your consultation will be one of the most important stages of your treatment, as this is when your therapist can assess your hair, skin type, etc. Your consultation will allow you and your therapist to discuss the treatment, ensure there are no medical concerns that would interfere with the treatment and answer any questions you may have. Please ensure there is hair present in the area at the time of consultation so your therapist can complete the consultation correctly.

A patch test must be performed on each area you would like treated as part of your consultation, and there must be a hair-free area where we can complete the patch test. This must be completed at least 48 hours before your first treatment.  Although this patch test is to test for skin sensitivity, it also gives you a chance to feel how the treatment would feel.


How do I remove hair before I start a course of laser?

We recommend you stop waxing, threading or plucking at least 6 weeks before your first treatment. We need hair to be in a certain growth stage for effective treatment and this is why this is very important. Shaving is perfectly fine prior to treatments, and in fact, you need to shave between 2 to 12 hours before each treatment to remove any visible hair. 



How long should the intervals between treatments be?

Your therapist can advise you during your consultation. An average for many would be every 4 weeks, but can it range from person to person?

Can I shave between treatments?

Absolutely! You can shave frequently between sessions. In fact, we need you to be freshly shaved for each session. If you have quite sensitive skin, it would be best to shave the day before your treatment, but if you have quite fast hair growth, it may be best for you to shave the day of the treatment.

Can I wax or pluck between sessions?

If you wax or pluck a hair, the hair is completely removed from the follicle and disrupts the hair growth system we need for effective permanent hair removal. We advise you to wait 6 to 8 weeks after waxing or plucking before having a laser.



Does hair grow back once it has been removed?

As for all methods of permanent hair removal, it works by killing the hair growth from an individual follicle. However, certain hormonal changes, medication or disorders can stimulate hair growth, but this would be from a new follicle showing new hair growth. A hair follicle successfully treated by laser will never grow hair again.

Will I need maintenance sessions?

Yes. As hair growth can be stimulated by hormonal changes, medication, etc., it is always possible for new hair follicles to be stimulated, resulting in new hair growth. How many sessions will vary from person to person depending on the factors affecting their hair growth but we would expect people to need a couple of maintenance sessions per year.



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