Pro Firm Neck + Skin Treatment

€140 (60 mins)

When we ask our clients about their skin concerns, ageing is always mentioned! Whether it’s anti-ageing to try to prevent or delay the first signs of ageing right through to someone who has experienced many skin changes and the effects of ageing are visible on their skin. Not all of us experience concerns such as breakouts or sensitivity but all of us experience ageing!

Pro Firm Neck + Skin treatment represents a new generation in skin treatments. It targets the Dermal Layers and the connective tissues under the skin to lift, tone and maximise skin health overall. This treatment features our Dermalogica PRO formula to combat neck neglect by firming and smoothing the delicate skin on the neck and chest, and evening skin tone.

A deep tissue facial massage is performed to tighten and firm the muscles in the face promoting more youthful-looking skin.

To finish, your therapist will apply serums and aftercare specifically chosen for you and give you the opportunity to ask her any questions you may have on how best to treat your skin. Your skin is left, refreshed, hydrated and glowing with a luminous complexion!

 (Advanced exfoliation involves Dermalogica Peels and requires a patch test 24 hours prior to treatment)

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