Sweedish Massage 

€99 (55 mins)

After getting changed and relaxing in the Relaxation Area, your therapist will greet you and take you to your room for your Swedish Massage treatment. As you walk into the room, you will be greeted with a welcoming, calm atmosphere set by the dim, candle-lit room.

Relaxing music will soothe your senses.

Your therapist will leave you for a few minutes while you settle yourself onto the heated treatment bed. When she returns, she will question you on your preferred massage pressure, if you have any specific areas you want targeted and if you would like to add a personalised Essential Oil blend to the massage. (You can also add Cold Stones to the massage when you book in, these Cold Stone will help to reduce the swelling in your muscles.) The massage will start with the back of your legs, working out the soreness and stress from all the time you spend on them.

Moving up onto your back, neck and shoulders, your therapist will work out any tension and knots found there.  It is wonderful to feel the stress just seeping away. When the back is finished, you will turn over onto your back for the final part of your massage.  Starting with the feet, the therapist will massage them with her knuckles.  Your lower legs will be massaged and soothed. Finally, the arms, fingers and across the top of your chest and neck receive the attention they need to finish off this treatment.

After the massage is finished, a glass of water will be brought into you, and you will get back into your robe.  If you would like, you are more than welcome to spend longer with us, unwinding in the Relaxation Area and Tranquility Room.

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