Indian Head Massage 

€79 (40 mins)

This relaxing face, neck, shoulder and head massage is steeped in Indian tradition. Its form originated from a method called “Champi” which means “head massage” in Indian. This form of massage has been passed down from generation to generation until it was turned into what we know today as Indian Head Massage.

This treatment can be carried out in a seated position, but we here at the Buff Day Spa find that it is more effective when carried out while you are lying down. Your therapist will begin by getting you to take some deep, relaxing breaths. Then she will lay her hands on your upper back and begin the treatment. She will use a vast array of massage movements along the upper back, shoulders, down the arms, into the neck and then focus on the head.

Using traditional champi movements, the scalp and head are massaged to ease out any tension. Most people who suffer from migraines, sinus, and tired eyes (to name just a few!) will experience a major improvement after just one treatment.

Once your therapist has finished working on the back of the body, she will continue the massage on the neck and the front of your head, finishing the treatment by using a lovely pressure point massage on your face.

Once the massage is over, your therapist will also balance out the top 3 energy points known as Chakra. This will help bring balance, well-being and relaxation to the entire body.

This treatment is fantastic for anyone who suffers from any shoulder aches or pains or tension headaches but is also great for anyone who works on a computer or is studying for long hours.

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