Hot Stone Swedish Massage 

€114 (55 mins)

Hot Stones have been used for millennia to ease out tired aching muscles. The heated volcanic basalt stones are renowned for holding the heat so once they are warmed they become an amazing tool in the treatment of muscle tension and pain. They are also said to hold healing qualities which is why the ancient tribes would use them in every treatment they carried out.

This treatment involves both manual massage techniques and massage with the heated stones. The stones allow the therapist to work deeper into the muscle fibres without it being as painful as a deep tissue massage but you are still getting the same benefits. It allow the muscles to relax into their natural resting position allowing free movement, less pain and better flexibility in that area.

Your therapist will apply massage oil to your skin and warm up the body using standard massage moves. Once the muscles have been warmed up your therapist will begin work with the hot stones. Your therapist will work any areas of concern that you may have and will pay close attention to how you react to the benefits of this treatment.

Once the treatment is over, most client say that they feel like that are “floating on air”, that they feel a significant reduction in the pain or stiffness and feel much freer in their movements.

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