Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening – 1hour – €90

Teeth Whitening Top-Up -30 mins – €45

Package Deal: Teeth Whitening, Top-Up plus a Premimum Teeth Whitening Take Home Kit – €185


Bronze Package: Teeth Whitening plus Foam – 1 hour -€99

Silver Package: Teeth Whitening plus Powder plus Bamboo Toothbrush – 1 hour – €129.95

Gold Package: Teeth Whitening plus Take Home Kit plus Powder & bamboo Toothbrush – 1 hour – €173.95

Platinum Package: Teeth Whitening plus Premium Take Home Kit plus 360 Electric Toothbrush – 1 hour – €240


Teeth whitening generally occurs when the Whitening Gel (or whitening product) is exposed to the dentine of a tooth (found directly under the enamel). When the gel penetrates through the enamel, pigmentation found in the dentine tube oxidizes, rendering a white finish which is reflected through the translucent enamel. Teeth whitening is both external and internal.
Your tooth though extremely hard is porous and is made up on hundreds of tiny, microscopic tubules invisible to the eye (advert for Sensodyne toothpaste is a good example of the porous tooth) All your eating and drinking over the years goes down these tubules and creates a stain molecule within the centre of the tooth. By using a whitening product such as gel, foam or powder the product slowly penetrates the tooth breaking down the stain molecule. Once the stain molecule is turned white your enamel turns white because is translucent.

Customers get anywhere from 4 to 12 shades depending on the mineral content within their dentine. It is the mineral content in the dentine that will depict how white your teeth will go. By using a regular whitening regime with excellent oral hygiene using a professional toothbrush, you will remove
any staining and keep your teeth not only at their maximum whiteness but a uniformed desired effect.

THE TEETH WHITENING FAIRIES with their research and development they have come up with a unique range of products to achieve what we feel is the best business practice to whiten your teeth in the marketplace today.
Our bespoke special whitening products are 100% natural with 100% no sensitivity and will leave your customers not only happy with their whitening results but be confident in the knowledge they have a brand they can rely on and would recommend to a friend and come back time and time again. We are proud to offer what we feel are the best whitening products in the marketplace today with the most advanced
technology in oral hygiene care, with our toothbrush range.