Lycon Waxing


All our therapists have been professionally trained in Lycon Advanced Waxing Techniques. All specialised waxing (Californian, Brazilian and Hollywood Bikini waxing) and facial waxing is performed using only Lycon hot (peel-able)wax that is made of the finest ingredients to ensure that you have the most pain-free and enjoyable specialised waxing service possible. Lycon is the professional’s choice in quality wax and it gently and effectively removes hair as short as 1mm. Lycon is expertly formulated with skin nurturing & conditioning ingredients such as Azulene, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Rose and Lavender and used at a low temperature to maximise client comfort.

We guarantee once you’ve been waxed with Lycon, you won’t want to be waxed using any other wax!

Please note that a wax patch test is highly recommended for all new wax clients 48 hours prior to the waxing appointment. If you need waxing urgently and do not want to do the patch test, you will have to sign a waiver form at reception.


Bikini Line Waxing Dublin

Treatment Type Price
Bikini €20
Californian (Extended Bikini) €30
Brazilian (A small strip/triangle remaining) €52
Hollywood (Totally Bare) €58

Leg & Bikini Combo Waxing 

Treatment Type Price
Half Leg €30
Half Leg & Bikini €40
Half Leg & Californian €50
Half Leg & Brazilian €72
Half Leg & Hollywood €75
Full Leg €45
Full Leg & Bikini €55
Full Leg & Californian €65
Full Leg & Brazilian €87
Full Leg & Hollywood €90

Arm Combo Waxing

Treatment Type Price
Lower Arm €25
Underarm €25
Full Arm €35
Lower Arm & Underarm €40
Full Arm & Underarm €55

Facial Waxing

Treatment Type Price
Lip €15
Chin €15
Sides of Face €15
Eyebrows €17
Lip & Chin €24
Lip & Eyebrows €24
Chin & Eyebrows €24
Full Face (eyebrows, lip, chin, & sides of face) €45

Other Areas Waxing

Treatment Type Price
Bum €15
Abdomen €15


Lycon Hot Wax System is used for all Bikini, Facial & Underarm treatments.
*All leg waxes include knees & toes if necessary.
**All bikini waxes include tummy tidying if necessary.

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