Sports Relief

The Sports Relief Package

€120 (1 hour)

A very special package for our male clients who have one hour to spare for spoiling themselves and directly treating aching muscles from sports.

The package begins with a 30 Minute Back Massage. Your therapist will ask a few questions to personalise your massage to help you get the most from this treatment.  You will be asked if you have any specific area/s you would like her to concentrate on—what type of pressure you prefer—would you like to add a personalised blend of Essential Oils to enhance your massage? 

You may want light pressure to help you relax or maybe deep pressure to help work out those annoying knots!  Your therapist will adjust your massage to suit your needs.  Your back will thank you at the end of your session.

Your therapist will then move on to a Hot Stone Lower Leg & Foot Massage. 

The stones allow the therapist to work deeper into the muscle fibres without being as painful as a deep tissue massage, but you still get the same benefits. It allows the muscles to relax into their natural resting position allowing free movement, less pain and better flexibility in that area.

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