Pamper Him

The Pamper Him Package

€210 (2 hours 15 mins)

This luxurious package provides a wonderful opportunity to relax, receive specialist attention and feel pampered. These incredible two hours begin with a Swedish massage tailored to your individual needs. These massage techniques have been used for over two hundred years providing a variety of ways to aid in maintaining and improving each person’s health. The pressure can be varied depending on the individual, and our highly trained therapists will use their knowledge and skills on those target areas needing special attention or for calming and deep relaxation. Once the strains and stresses, aches and pains have been alleviated (and soothing relaxation induced), then comes the fantastic Dermalogica Spa Custom Facial….

Especially customized for your specific skin needs, a skin analysis is performed by our highly trained therapist who will ascertain the necessary steps for your treatment. This is followed by deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, some precise massage moves, and a customized facial masque before comprehensive skin consultation (Facemapping™) occurs as your therapist goes into deep detail to address your concerns. All parts to this professional facial treatment are performed using rhythmic, flowing techniques for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

The Spa Custom Facial works deep into the skin allowing for fantastic instant results providing a feel good factor on top of your delightful nourished skin. The experience is completed with an Eyebrow Tidy for that extra touch of delight, which can be performed either at the end of the treatment or during (after extraction process).

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