The Male Escape

The Male Escape Spa Package

€120 (1 hour)

A very special package for our male clients who have one hour to spare for spoiling themselves and directly treating concerns. The treatment begins with our Stressbusting Back Massage, so called because it is specifically targeted to tackle those areas causing pain and discomfort on the back, leaving him feeling more relaxed, having less tense muscles and generally reduced in stress. Our therapists are professionally trained to work on those issues which effect your daily life allowing greater freedom of movement and increasing flexibility. The treatment room will have the ideal lighting, relaxing music and comfort with our high quality couches allowing the therapist to work on making your experience the best possible.

Following on from the massage is the Dermalogica Buff Express Facial. This facial is so-called because it provides your skin with fantastic results through treating your needs whether they be dryness, dehydration, sensitivity, irritation, mature or prematurely aging, treating sun-damage, acne or for those who need for general preventative measures. The rhythmic moves within this thirty minutes skincare delight provides top quality results leaving your skin feeling refreshed, revitalised, full of life and healthy. Combined with this is an expert Eyebrow Tidy to finish the process of making you feel well looked after during this fantastic hour of indulgence.

In this retreat of excellence you are exposed to expertise, the highest of standards through top class trained therapists and high quality products, and that special place where you can leave the world behind and experience full focus on quality care from the people who give you the best.

An escape for any man to a world of quality and calm in the Dublin’s City Centre.

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