Perfect Touch

The Perfect Touch Spa Package

€165 (3 hours)

Do you ever feel like your head is just spinning with the busyness of life in Dublin?  We can help you slow that spinning down with our relaxing Perfect Touch Package!

Upon arrival at the Spa, you will be taken to get changed into a robe and spa sandals—just the beginning of shedding the stress of everyday life.  You can then choose to relax in the Sauna, Tranquility Room or Relaxation Area before your treatment while enjoying an herbal tea, coffee or water.

Your therapist begins to personalise your visit as you are greeted by name.  The calmness of the room welcomes you with the candlelight and soothing music.  In the room she will further that personal touch by asking what type of pressure you like in your massage, are there any particular areas you would like her to concentrate on in the treatment and what you would like to achieve from your Indian Head Massage.  If you would like, you can add a personalised essential oil blend to help you relax even more!

A back massage starts off your treatment to loosen those tense muscles which lead up to your head.  Next those magical hands move up to your neck and head, massaging away your tension and stress.

Your therapist will apply firmer pressure on certain points of your head to further help you relax.  Not to leave your face out, you will then be asked to turn onto your back so your face can receive a bit of massage attention!  Oh the bliss as the remaining bit of tension drains away from your body.

Next your hands will receive some personal attention with our Luxury Spa Manicure!  They will be exfoliated, soaked, moisturised and massaged.  Your nails will be shaped and the cuticles tidied up before the colour of your choice is applied to your nails.  For a longer lasting colour, you can upgrade to our Shellac Colour or Gel FX—these colours can last up to two weeks!

You will again be led into a treatment room for your Dermalogica Facial.  You will relax again on the heated bed while candlelight and soothing music calm your senses.  Your therapist will ask a few questions about your skin before she gets to work on your fully customised facial!

Your facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage, masque and moisturiser application.  You can add in an Eye Zone Treatment, it’s an eye masque to help refresh your eyes!  The entire time you just relax and let your therapist do all the work!

You are now ready to head out and enjoy the shops or a night out on the town!

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