Pamper Me

Pamper Me Package

€140 (1 hour 45 mins)

Not many things in life make a women feel as good or give us such a ‘pick me up’ as having our nails done! This is where our fantastic ‘Pamper Me’ package combines all the luxury of our hour long Fabulous Feet Pedicure with a wonderful Luxury Spa Manicure leaving your nails beautifully revitalised, conditioned and polished to perfection!

We start with our pedicure, an hour of pure luxury for your feet. You will be made comfortable on our pedicure throne after choosing the colour you would like for your polish at the end and as your therapist soaks your feet she will supply a selection of magazines and a drink of choice for you. We will tidy your cuticles, file your nails and rasp away any dry, hard skin before applying an invigorating scrub which will stimulate your circulation and leave your skin super smooth. A rich moisturising mask is applied before your feet are placed into heated booties, a real treat for dry skin on the feet! Your therapist will then complete a luxurious lower leg and foot massage using a super hydrating moisturiser before finishing the treatment with your polish of choice.

We will then lead you over to our manicure stations where we will get to work transforming your hands with our Luxury Spa Manicure. Nails will be soaked before a revitalising scrub is applied. Your therapist will tidy your cuticles and shape your nails to your desired shape before a rich luxurious massage cream is applied, your therapist will then treat you to a lower arm and hand massage which is such a treat as we can often hold lots of tension we are unaware of in these areas before she finishes with your polish of choice.

You will be left feeling pampered with nails polished to perfection that you would be proud to show off!

Take this opportunity for some time and and unwind in our Relaxation Area while your polish dries!

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