Let’s be honest, waxing is not the most pleasant thing in the world. The end is worth it but if you don’t have a good therapist it can be quite painful. I had tried a few places, trying to find a place I could go for a regular treatment but no such luck. My colleague was talking about how she recently had a great wax done at The Buff Day Spa before she left for a holiday. I was a little bit skeptical at first but decided to give it a try.

When I called to make an appointment for a Brazilian and Full leg wax, the receptionist was very friendly. There weren’t any available appointments for the day that I needed at first but she ended up moving things around and booked me in. I was very impressed at how I was accommodated even though I was the one making the last minute appointment.

I popped into the spa two days before the appointment to get a patch test done just to make sure I didn’t react to the wax. It was a very quick visit, right after work, and I was so glad when I didn’t react.

On the day of my treatment, I arrived a little bit anxious but the receptionist said as it was my first wax with them and I was a little bit nervous, they gave me extra time to make it as comfortable as possible,  although how comfortable can a wax really be?

I was shown to the relaxation area to enjoy some complimentary tea and to wait for my therapist. My therapist, Niamh, greeted me and brought me to the room asking if I had ever gotten a wax done before and if I had ever been there before. I answered with a yes and a no before she went on to explain that at the spa they use Lycon precision wax which is a lot gentler than a lot of the other waxes. She said that this particular wax grabs the hair instead of the skin making it a lot less painful.

Once we got into the room she gave me time to take my bottoms off and drape the towel over my bottom half. I was growing somewhat anxious because waxing can be painful and also awkward with someone you’re not comfortable with.

I will spare you the gruesome details but I have to say that was by far the best wax I’ve ever had. Not only did my therapist make me feel comfortable but the Lycon Wax really did make it so much better. It was not nearly as painful as the waxes I have had done at other places and Niamh didn’t make me feel awkward at all, as we easily chatted and she even put on some music for me to help keep my mind off the waxing.

After this treatment, I have definitely found my regular place for getting waxes done and after looking through their wide variety of treatments in their brochure, this may be my regular place for a lot of things!


By Aileen O’Leary 14/07/2015