What is skincare?


Why people nowadays are getting more and more interested in this? Beauty industries developed at a crazy rate since the 90’s. People still had a skincare since forever, even they wouldn’t know how to describe it. They used herbs, plants and animal nature products, to enhance and beautify different parts of the body.

Egyptians were the first ones who used cosmetics for their religious ceremonies, women were using essential oils, henna for hair dye and tattoos, milk for their skin. Jews used olive oil to nourish their skin or grapeseed for body exfoliation and pomegranate extract as an antioxidant. Did you know Greeks invented the word” cosmetic “from Kosmetikos?

In Victorian Era, Queen of England, Victoria used honey masks for its nourishment and antiseptic benefits, also a great exfoliant because it contains gluconic acid (no, not glycolic acid) which accelerates shedding dead skin cells just like a scrub but without mechanical rubbing. In XX Century, we discovered the benefits of Tretinoins (derived from vitamin A as Retin-A), Botox, alpha hydroxy acids and esthetic surgeries.

The use of nanotechnology has created new ingredients with high efficiency and some pharmaceutical companies have offered preparations obtained by advanced techniques: exfoliants, antioxidants that fight against free radicals, stress and pollution, retinoids with effect in cell regeneration, anti-aging, acne. That is why some products are names Cosmeceuticals not just cosmetics. Technologies are using microencapsulated ingredients to create a serum or hydrating SPF’s, really lightweight, water based, with lovely smells and colors. The interest in this made the big and small companies to create their own skincare products, made with more and more stable ingredients that can stimulate the skin and promote anti-ageing at an accelerate scale.

Why do we need skincare?

There are many reasons we need it, and we as therapists we are careful at our client’s needs, to meet their expectations by providing the best experience in a professional, cozy environment. Our job is to educate them as well, we will always have the feeling that we might helped today with very precious information, tips and tricks. We want best for your skin, so let us take care of it.


Written by Stefania Rusu, Skin Therapist at The Buff Day Spa