With my best friend’s wedding coming up, I knew I needed something to give me a boost and that little bit more confidence in my bridesmaid’s dress on the day. My friend (the Bride herself) recommended an inch loss wrap as she knew I was quite anxious about it all.

After googling for a while, I called The Buff Day Spa to ask a few questions. The receptionist told me the basics of what to expect when getting a Universal Contour Wrap. She informed me that I was guaranteed to lose 6 inches; it was like music to my ears! I decided then to book my wrap for 5 days before the wedding.

When I got to the spa on the day of my wrap, I was greeted by the friendly receptionist who showed me to the changing room, gave me my robe and disposable underwear to change into, and told me to relax in the tranquility room before my treatment began.

My therapist, Abi, got me from there and brought me into the treatment room. She talked me through the steps of the wrap and asked me what my main concerns were; for me it was inch loss on my stomach. She said as this was my main concern she was going to add an extra layer of the mud solution to my stomach to push the inch loss further.

Firstly Abi measured my body, from my legs, right up to my chest and arms. This isn’t the most pleasant of experiences but it was all part of the process to great results! After measuring me, Abi then told me it was time for the bandages to be applied. The bandages are soaked in a mud solution that contains mineral salts and seaweed that pull the toxins from your body, while helping you use some inches. I was expecting them to be cold and damp, but as they were kept in a heated tank, they felt nice and warming on a cold March morning. I assumed the tighter the bandages, the better the results, but Abi told me this wasn’t the case; leaving the bandages a little looser allows the toxins to come through the pores.

Once she had fully wrapped me in the bandages, she helped me into a thermal suit and onto the bed to relax for an hour while the wrap worked its magic! She offered me some magazines, herbal tea and some light background music to help me relax while I waited.  I had been told by my friend that this wasn’t the most relaxing of treatments but in all honesty, I enjoyed the time with my feet up, reading through some magazines!

After an hour, Abi came back into the room to unwrap and measure me. She told me I had lost 7.5 inches; I was thrilled! She let me know that my main loss was from my stomach and my thighs; result!

She then talked me through all the homecare advice to maintain the results. She told me for the next 3-4 days to only wash the areas of my body that needed to be washed and to not scrub my skin as the solution would stay in my pores and keep on working to give me even more inch loss; it just kept getting better! She also told me to avoid caffeine where possible; I found this the hardest part but with only 3 days to avoid it for better results, I made sure I did.

Overall, I would highly recommend this treatment for that extra bit of inch loss! It gave me the boost I needed for my friend’s wedding and made me feel more confident on the day.


By Danielle Donoghue 23/03/2015