Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a great experience into a fantastic one! And that’s what I experienced when I recently visited the Buff Day Spa for a Revitalize Spa Package. I loved the extra little touches that I met with during my visit – from the hair straighteners, hairbrush and deodorant in the changing room, to the towel, shampoo and Dermalogica body wash that were waiting for me in the shower, they’ve thought of everything!

I arrived early to make use of the sauna, to warm up my achy muscles before my back massage. After that I took the opportunity to spend ten minutes relaxing in the peaceful tranquillity room – I found it pure bliss to just indulge in some ‘me time’!

My therapist came to find me and warmly welcomed me with a handshake. She showed me to the treatment room where she talked about the upcoming treatments. She asked what I’d like to get from my back massage – whether I’d like it to be a relaxing or more rejuvenating experience. As I was going out for dinner later that night, I chose the latter so she recommended a beautiful blend of essential oils designed to uplift me – a mix containing lemongrass and ginger. She went off to mix it while I got myself ready on the treatment bed.

When she arrived back, she let me inhale the blended oils (they smelled heavenly) before starting the back massage. I asked her to concentrate on my lower back as, having recently had a baby, my pelvis had taken a battering and needed some TLC. The massage was divine – she expertly massaged all of the tension out of my back, shoulders and neck and made sure the pressure was just right for me.

Next up, it was time for my facial. I knew that my skin was very dehydrated, which my therapist confirmed! To take my makeup off, my therapist started with Dermalogica Pre-cleanse, which smells divine and is massaged to remove the dirt from the skin. Then my therapist steamed my face to open my pores.  I was offered an upgraded exfoliation, which I opted for given all my pesky fine lines! It had a gentle salicylic acid in it, my therapist told me, which is great for my oily skin and to fight blemishes. She applied that over my face, neck and chest and let me relax for ten minutes while it went to work. Then she removed it, massaging me with her magic hands to exfoliate, boost circulation and further cleanse my pores. Face fully cleaned, my therapist started to do ‘extractions’ of my copious blackheads! Not the most pleasant part of the treatment, but it was worth it in the end! She finished my treatment with some lovely moisturiser and then got the mirror. My fine lines were visibly reduced, my skin looked so much plumper and hydrated, and my skin was soft and smooth to touch. Result!

My therapist recommended some products to add to my regime (which already has been Dermalogica for a few years) and I opted for the exfoliation cream she used in my facial, which I was able to purchase on my way out in the spa’s shop. I left feeling thoroughly pampered and rejuvenated, and I highly recommend a visit to The Buff Day Spa!


by Anna Parsley 18/02/2015