Let’s start with basics
by Stefania Rusu

Even if the skincare industry exploded in the past several years, there are people who like to stay basic
in using products just because they may not have time or simply because are not interested in it.
There is absolutely no problem in being basic, the secret is that you can be like that but still use ultimate
amazing products that can change the skin and help you with different concerns.

What is a basic routine?
A basic routine is when you stick to 3-4 products everyday, using them morning and evening time not
matter what, in a fast and correct order.

The heroes in this basic routine are:
1. Precleanse-Cleanse or Double Cleanse – this is the main step every single day. You wake up,
jump into the shower, cleanse your skin after the night before – because during the night time your skin
regenerates faster and eliminates oil and sweat.
As important is to cleanse evening time to remove make-up, impurities, debris, dust, pollution, bacteria
and oil.
Many people complain about they might feel their skin tight after cleanse, well yes if it’s the right one
for you could be just because it tighten your pores but it’s also possible to use the wrong cleanser and
dehydrate and unbalance the skin.

2. Moisturize! A daily moisturizer would help you to protect your skin against environmental
stress and pollution and hydrate in the first levels of your epidermis. My advice? At least an SPF30
morning time and a non SPF night time – I like to say, to feed the skin overnight.
Why we need SPF? Well no matter if the sun is there or not, the UVB,UVA rays are still there, going
through atmosphere, big gray clouds, damaging the skin at a crazy rate. It not just only helps you to
maintain your youth, away from premature ageing also from hyperpigmentation and sunburn . Did you
know sun is the number one cause of the ageing? Why not preventing?

3. Exfoliation – I know, there are people who had bad experiences with exfoliants. Why? Because
it wasn’t the right one for them. Is easy to sensitize your skin during exfoliation and that is why I
recommend before buying anything to get an advice from a skin expert. There are so many on the
market that could make people even more confused.

My advice? Use the exfoliant 2-3 times a week in the shower. It will save you time and effort.
Think about it, if you have a correct basic routine, your skin can be really happy and well maintained by
only using them everyday correctly. It will save you money, time and effort.

And then, you will start having results and you might want to tackle your concerns even more, this is the
step when you start use a serum, eye creams, boosters, etc.

Get your basic routine prescription from a skincare expert, here at The Buff Day Spa.