More Energy Less Stress

by Yasmina lenahan

“Even with the pandemic challenges, my enthusiasm to
wake at dawn never fades. Knowing how important it is to
include my needs with the needs of others”

What a lovely statement from PSYCH-K facilitator Tanya O’ Connor who works at The Buff Day Spa, Dublin. Who wouldn’t love to wake up daily full of enthusiasm? These last few months have been challenging emotionally and physically for many. With a complete lifestyle upheaval and so much change in our daily routines, sometimes negative and unsupportive thoughts can creep in and stay with us, often longer than we care for. We’ve had time during this lockdown to take a closer look at our own wellbeing and self-care practices. For some it has helped to reflect and make positive healthier lifestyle changes.

When I was asked had I heard of ‘PSYCH-K’ before, I must admit I hadn’t. I was curious to learn more and so I booked a consultation with Tanya. After a lovely virtual consultation, I learnt more about PSYCH-K, how to change negative thoughts and beliefs into positive ones. The session focused on ‘the now’ and our heart desires.

In a very gently, unintrusive way, ‘PSYCH-K’ helps to rewire the brain as such by letting go of limiting beliefs and introducing more supportive thoughts. To help keep connected with regular clients, The Buff Day Spa, Dublin, have been offering PSYCH-K as a treatment since January of this year. It has proven to be a very popular virtual service. It’s no wonder people are feeling quite disconnected lately. We all found ourselves moving online for communication with work and socially for family and friends. We’re all craving real conversations and hugs. During these times when our mental health has been under a lot of strain, PSYCH-K can offer an opportunity to tap back into your heart desires. This is a welcoming service. For many we’ve lost sight of all the things we love to do which help give our lives more meaning and a sense of connection. It also helps The Buff Day Spa do what they love, reaching out to clients to offer some nourishing much needed self-care time. The juggle at the moment for many is very real.


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