Leg spasms, sciatic nerve pain, indigestion, headaches and back pain… Mamas to be, does this sound familiar?? Don’t even get me started on the stretch marks, tiredness and quite uncomfortable side effects of creating this beautiful miracle!! The time will come when we don’t get to put ourselves first, so when hubby surprised me with a voucher from The Buff Day Spa called Yummy Mummy Spa Package he scored some major brownie points with me!

As I half skipped, half wobbled to the Spa I was a bit apprehensive of what awaited me, at 35 weeks pregnant I was hoping I could get onto the massage bed to be honest!! I was greeted by the lovely Receptionist who took my shoe size and asked me to sign in. While in my head I was wondering if they had a miracle product I could use for my stretchmarks, I was given a tour of the Spa and shown the spa shop, sauna, tranquillity room and relaxation area. Even though I couldn’t use the sauna, I still changed into a nice comfy robe to get into the swing of things. I settled into the relaxation area, had a herbal tea and then my  lovely therapist Niamh brought me to the lightly scented, candle lit treatment room.

Delighted to see that they had an electronic massage couch, which made it very easy for me to get up on… Niamh got me comfortably positioned and supported with pillows on the couch. Then she gave me the run down of the “Yummy Mummy Spa Package”. Firstly was the “Free Loader” which was a fantastic back and upper body massage that eased out the tension on my sore achy back from carrying all the extra bump around! Niamh was brilliant at getting in around my lower back and shoulder blades where the aches seem to have concentrated.

This was followed by the “Yummy Tummy” which treats and prevents stretch marks using super ingredients from the award winning Mama Mio range. She  advised me to use the Mama Mio Stretch Mark Oil and cream at home for the rest of my  pregnancy and also 4 months afterwards to help the elasticity of my skin, after all it will have stretched 30 inches, can you believe that!

I was given the choice of either an Indian Head Massage or Lower Leg Massage and as I had really swollen feet that badly needed some TLC,  I opted for the leg massage. Heavenly is the only way I can describe it…

Lastly was a Dermalogica Buff Express Facial. Unfortunately pregnancy has caused some pigmentation on my face, but Niamh assured me she would brighten and lighten my skin using specific products from the Dermalogica range and gave me some homecare to follow. She ended the bliss by putting Mama Mio Lucky Legs on my feet and legs and instantly the peppermint worked on leaving a lightweight feeling… I’m already imagining hubby giving me a nice leg rub with this!

As my treatments came to an end and I drink my refreshing water, I wondered what else is on the brochure that will tickle my fancy?  As my baby relaxes to the music I am convinced it has done him as much good as it has done me. So off I go with my purchases, smelling delish from head to toe, booked back in for 4 weeks time and praying baby doesn’t come early!


by Claire O’Donnell 27/06/2014