Get Radiant

Get Radiant €99 (2 hours)

What a great package to have before a night out in Dublin City Centre!  The Mineral Salt Scrub will make your body glow while the manicure brightens your nails!  Leave your make-up to us while you sit back and relax.

The receptionist will give you a quick tour of the Spa as she takes you to the lovely changing area, where you are provided with a robe, spa sandals and disposable pants (for the Salt Scrub).  You can have a seat in either the Relaxation Area, Tranquility Room or visit the Sauna first.  Be sure to enjoy water, tea or coffee while you are waiting for your therapist to collect you.

You will be greeted by name by your therapist and taken into your treatment room to start off your time with the Voya Express Sea Mineral Scrub. This treatment is a full body exfoliation, which your therapist can customise by focusing on any problem areas you have, like knees, elbows or any areas of flaky skin.

Your therapist will apply the Salt Scrub and work it around your body, removing the layer of dead skins cells.  You will be shown to the shower where you can wash away the salt and dry off really well.  After your skin is fully dry, you will lie back down on the heated bed and enjoy the application of the Ultra Rich Body Cream!  This cream hydrates and nourishes your skin, leaving you feeling soft and glowing!

Before you make your way to the manicure station for your Shellac Manicure, your therapist will show you our Shellac range of colours. You can choose a colour or French tips for your manicure.  After your nails are shaped and the cuticles tidied up, your therapist will prep your nails and then begin the process of painting them and then curing each layer under a UV lamp, which makes the nails instantly dry!  It is great to be able to use your fingers straight away after this manicure!

Lastly, you will be treated to our Fuschia Mineral Make-Up Application!  Our natural mineral make-up glides onto your skin and can be layered to give you the coverage you would like to have while creating the look you want.  You are ready to face your night looking and feeling lovely.