I’m not usually into spas, but when The Buff Day Spa was recommended by my sister, I decided to check them out. They offer a wide range of treatments. I called to inquire about the best treatment for my upcoming holiday. The receptionist, who was friendly and helpful, recommended the Dermalogica Mineral Salt Scrub. It removes dead skin cells, exfoliates, moisturizes, and eliminates toxins, leaving the skin soft and radiant.

On the day of my appointment, I had a busy day at work, so I couldn’t arrive early enough to use the sauna or tranquility room. I was given a fluffy robe, disposable underwear, and slippers in the changing room. In the relaxation area, I enjoyed complimentary tea and magazines. Maria, my therapist, took me to a cozy room with soft music. I felt relaxed even before the treatment began.

Maria instructed me to remove my robe and slippers and lie down on the bed with a towel over my chest. She made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the experience. While scrubbing my legs, she explained the benefits of the product and we chatted easily. After scrubbing my entire body, she turned on the shower and allowed me to take my time. The shower gel provided made a noticeable difference in my skin.

Following the shower, Maria applied hydrating lotion to my freshly scrubbed skin and allowed me ample time to get dressed. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated, the perfect way to end a long workday before my holiday.

This visit to The Buff Day Spa completely changed my perspective on spa treatments, and I will definitely return. Next time, I’ll make sure to arrive early and enjoy the sauna and tranquility room. I highly recommend this peaceful and fantastic spa with its amazing staff.


By Megan Murphy 10/06/2015