Review of Shellac Manicure

By Adele Cunningham 6/08/15

My nails don’t hold nail polish very well, but nothing will stop me from getting my regular Organic Spa Manicure at The Buff Day Spa. Whenever I go in I am warmly greeted by all the staff and always have such a nice relaxing time. Whenever there is a special occasion coming up I always make sure to treat myself to the Organic Luxury Spa Manicure; Mandarin and Mango is my absolute favourite and it adds just a little extra treat to my regular manicure.

After a festive season of my nails not cooperating and multiple chips before parties I wanted to look into something a little bit longer lasting with a lot less stress. So with my daughter’s wedding coming up I was talking to my therapist, Natalie, who suggested getting a Shellac Manicure done this time. She said that the shellac is made to stay on longer with a lovely shine and is not as harsh on nails as gel polish is. It sounded perfect! Since the days leading up to the wedding were going to be stressful enough, I didn’t want to have to worry about my nails chipping on top of all of that.  I decided on the Shellac Manicure Inclusive because it seemed so worth it to have a French finish, removal and cuticle oil all included and booked my appointment before I left that day.

On the day, Natalie did an amazing job on my nails, as usual! I opted for the Classic French Polish instead of a colour. I was delighted with the results, my nails looked absolutely lovely for my daughter’s big day! As Natalie had told me, there wasn’t any chipping until at least a week after, which was fantastic for someone like me who chips a nail almost instantly. I couldn’t believe my nails had lasted for over 2 weeks and still looked just as shiny as if they had just been done! Since I went with the classier look and got the French finish the regrowth was barely noticeable so I felt like I could hold off on the removal as long as possible.

I was nervous that the removal would make my nails weaker but with the cuticle oil strengthening the nails while the polish was still on and the way the polish just peeled off after being soaked, my nails came out feeling stronger than ever.

I am so pleasantly surprised by shellac and I will definitely be getting a shellac manicure during the festive season as well as for holidays. No more stressing about my weak, flimsy nails chipping!