Review of Juliette Armand Elements Facial


My friend and I went to an event earlier this month, and when we left, being in the first 20 people attending, we got a great goodie bag to take home. In our goodie bags were mini facial vouchers to try one of their new facials at the spa. After reading through the list of facials available, I decided to try the Juliette Armand Elements Facial. My mini facial voucher was worth €30, so I only had to pay €45 for my facial on the day; not bad for an hour-long treatment!

I suffer from dehydration, which I wasn’t aware of until I spoke to Niamh, who performed skin scanning for free at the event.  She looked at my skin under the scanner and explained what each area of my skin needed. She explained that the tightness I felt across my cheeks and forehead was dehydration, but it was something I could treat quickly with some facials and at home with some products.  When I booked, I asked to come into Niamh for my facial, as she knew what my skin was like.

The receptionist told me about the sauna and tranquillity room I could use before my facial. As I was coming straight from work, I didn’t have the time to use the facilities, but I arrived 15 minutes before my treatment began to get changed into a lovely fluffy robe and slippers and have a nice cup of camomile tea to unwind after a stressful day at the office!

Niamh collected me from the relaxation area and brought me to the treatment room. She asked me how I had got on with the samples of the Juliette Armand products in the goodie bag; another bonus! I told her how much I loved the Hydra Action Cream I used until there wasn’t a drop left.  She told me this was one of the best sellers, along with the Hyaluronic Serum, another sample in the bag.

Once the facial began, Niamh cleansed my skin and removed my eye makeup. Being a glasses wearer, my eyes can be pretty sensitive, but I found this cleanser great around my eyes. She then moved on to exfoliate my skin. As she looked at my skin under the skin scanner at the launch, the skin analysis wasn’t needed on the day. I felt so comfortable knowing Niamh knew my skin already.

The next step was a massage and masque. Having come straight from work, the message was certainly needed. Niamh asked if I would like her to concentrate on my head to release any tension. This was most definitely my favourite part of the treatment; Niamh is amazing at massages. The masque felt fabulous on my skin; I felt like I was already feeling the benefits of the facial before I’d even left the room.

Finally, Niamh applied the Hyaluronic Serum she had told me about and some of the Hydra Action Cream. She then advised me what products she recommended to keep my skin hydrated and refreshed. I bought the serum, cream, and Hydra Cleansing Milk. Before leaving, Niamh gave me my prescription sheet on using my products and what facial she recommended next, the Hyaluronic Therapy. I can’t wait to return to The Buff Day Spa. I’ll ensure I have enough time to use the facilities before my treatment!


By Jessica Hickey 14/03/2016