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Fuschia mineral foundation doesn’t contain clays, talc’s, chalks, chemicals or dyes which you will usually find in most make up brands. These are what will cause a lot of skin conditions such as breakouts, dryness and dehydration and because all of our make up artists are fully qualified skin therapist this is of the utmost importance to us so we know what is going on your skin, is actually good for it! In fact the Fuschia loose mineral foundation contains only 6 ingredients were as you will find 27 plus ingredients in your average non mineral brand! Fuschia will give your skin full coverage without feeling like you are wearing anything on your skin! The ingredients contained in the product give coverage to the skin while actually treating it as well.

Makeup Application €35 (30 mins)

Our expert therapists will analyse your skin and then apply our mineral based Fuschia products that will both suit and compliment your skin tone as well as highlighting your best features! Whether it is a natural or vibrant look you want, Fuschia has all the products needed to suit any occasion, from our pastel pinks that will put a spring in your step to our vibrant reds as well as our gorgeous eye dusts which can create a fresh natural eye or a gorgeous smokey eye for a more seductive look!

Add Fuschia Makeup to any treatment €20

**NEW** FREE Fuschia Makeover when you spend €85 on Makeup products

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Makeup Lesson €45 (45 mins)

The 45 Minute Makeup Lesson itself involves a fully trained beauty therapist analysing your skin and demonstrating with Fuschia Mineral Makeup. She will recommend your best foundation type whether that’s liquid, mineral loose powder or mineral pressed powder based on this. She will match your skin tone to the foundation and show you how to correctly apply the foundation evenly. She will inform you what colours suit your eye colour best and will show you how to apply an eye look for day or for night, giving you secret tips along the way! All colours including blush and lips will be selected to suit your complexion so that when you try the look yourself at home you will have that professional look every time!

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