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4th Trimester Healing Hour

4th Trimester Healing Hour €95 (60 mins)

The stresses and strains of pregnancy do not magically disappear once baby is here! Up to four months after you give birth, your body can still behave as if it is pregnant. Plus, after the strain of pregnancy and the stress we put our bodies through giving birth, it can leave you in need of some TLC! This is where Voya’s 4th Trimester Healing Hour is here for you!

Our bodies are wonderful and can deal with a lot but after having a baby, many women find they have aches and pains along with dealing with the dreaded water retention! This treatment helps stimulate circulation, alleviate water retention while relaxing muscles. This massage will be tailored to your specific concerns on the day.

Make the most of your new mama time out by giving yourself time to relax before your treatment. Change into a fluffy robe and relax with a herbal tea in our Relaxation Area or Tranquility Room. Once you have chilled out, your therapist will guide you to your treatment room where she will discuss the treatment and find out how you are feeling. (If you are breastfeeding just mention it to your therapist and she will be sure to try to keep you comfortable during the treatment). Your therapist will then leave you to get comfortable on a heated bed, surrounded by candle light and soothing music before starting the treatment.

Your therapist will start with a chest and face massage helping you to relax and let your mind rest. A massage on the abdomen is completed using products designed to reduce fluid retention and help treat any skin concerns you may have. The massage progresses including your legs and feet before then continuing on the backs of your legs and your back, concentrating on any areas of tensions or stresses to leave muscles relaxed and rested. This is a fantastic time out for all new mamas and will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to take on the world again!

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