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Pregnancy Massage Dublin

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage Dublin at The Buff Day Spa

Pregnancy Massage Dublin Treatments in the heart of Dublin, in leading award winning day spa, The Buff Day Spa.
The Buff Day Spa caters for mums to be with our Pregnancy Massages resulting in a wonderful experience.
Our massage treatments hold a five-star rating online.

Voya Maternity Massage (Expectant Mothers) – €120 (90 mins)

Every mama-to-be needs some rest and relaxation! During no other time in life does your body go through so many changes in such a short time and that means we need some specific care to help us through! Voya Maternity Massage is a full body exfoliation & massage treatment using specific pre-natal massage techniques to bring about all over relaxation and ease tired, aching muscles. On escaping the hustle and bustle of Dublin City Centre outside, we invite you to change into a fluffy robe and relax and unwind in our Relaxation Area before your therapist meets you to guide you into your candlelit treatment room where she will discuss your areas of concern before beginning.

The ultimate treat for mama-to-be. To start with you will be lying on your side, supported with cushions to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable. You will be covered and your therapist will only expose the area that she is working on one at a time. enjoy a full body gentle Voya exfoliation to exfoliate, nourish and hydrate the skin. We will massage the exposed side of your back and hip, right down through your leg using Voya massage oil before turning you over and repeating this on the opposite side. The aroma from the massage oil is deeply relaxing and envelops your treatment room. We carry out the massage in this position as it allows your therapist to treat your full back without putting any pressure on your bump. We then position you face up which allows us to massage your front of legs, feet, arms and chest.

To finish a deliciously rich cream is applied to your bump ensuring skin is totally hydrated. You are left feeling relaxed and refreshed ready to face the world again. On completing your treatment your therapist will lead you back to our Relaxation Area where you can relax with a herbal tea and give yourself time before re-joining the real world!  A must for all mamas to be!

Voya Beautiful Bump (Expectant Mothers) – €89 (55 mins)

We never put our skin through such a task as during pregnancy! It is said that our waist can grow by up to 40 inches during pregnancy and such a huge job demands we give our bodies a little tender loving care at times! Beautiful Bump is the ultimate treat for all those baby bumps!

Unwind in a fluffy robe in our Relaxation Area before your therapist meets you to show you to your treatment room. Your therapist will discuss the treatment with you and let you get comfortable in the relaxing surrounds of your treatment room before starting. Beautiful Bump begins with all the benefits of a luxurious facial but for your tummy! Body brushing followed by a gentle pumice ground scrub will lift any dead skin cells before we layer a combination of ultra-hydrating serums with deliciously moisturising creams and oils to make a sumptuous mask that will soothe a dry, itchy belly and maximise skin health and elasticity!

While the mask works to moisturise, a super soothing lower leg and foot massage or a stress relieving scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage will be performed by your therapist. We offer the choice so you can adapt the treatment to suit your needs and where you are feeling your stresses. A lower leg and foot massage is a great choice for those suffering from swollen ankles or aching calves while the shoulder, scalp, face and chest massage to a fabulous choice for those looking for ultimate de-stressing and relaxation but who also may have some shoulder tension.

To complete the treatment your therapist will remove the mask from your bump before massaging a super hydrating butter in to complete the tummy treatment leaving you super smooth, hydrated and revitalised!

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