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Skin Scanning & Skinbar

Skin Scanning and Dermalogica Skin Bar – €20 (30mins approx)

Skin Scanning and Skin Bar for two – €30 (30 mins approx)

This is a perfect start to understanding your skin and the best way to look after it. Using a UV Black Light, a Skin Scanner is used to help you see what is going on deeper in your skin and understand why your therapist may be recommending certain changes to your skin care routine or products.

Your therapist will ask you to rest your head underneath a little cover and there is a mirror so you can see exactly what your therapist is also looking at. Your therapist will ask what you notice and then give an explanation of what that is. Basically the UV light will cause areas of the skin will show in different colours depending on the skin condition.

It is fantastic for understanding what our skin needs and how we can improve our skin! Your therapist will ask you questions about your skin concerns, if you use any products etc so she can get a really good understanding of your skin and use this information to give you advice on improving your skin.

Skin Bar is an opportunity for you to try out any of our Dermalogica products that your therapist recommends. We want you to leave feeling educated and informed so don’t be afraid to ask your therapist any questions you may have about your skin.

Why not bring a friend with you and we can look after you both at the same time? The great thing about us being in the city centre is you can make a fun day of it!

Skin scanning at The Buff Day Spa