Velvet Package

Velvet Package €194 (3.25 hours)

Are you looking for a spa package that includes 3 of our most popular treatments?  Do you want your body and hands to be pampered?  Our Velvet Package will invigorate and indulge you!

It is a relief to walk into an oasis of calm from the busy Dublin city centre streets! The receptionist will introduce you to the Spa’s Relaxation Area and Tranquility Room (and Sauna if you would like to use it) before taking you to the changing room where your fluffy robe and sandals await.

You are given time to relax while enjoying a refreshing glass of water or an uplifting herbal tea or coffee.  Your therapist will greet you and take you to the first treatment in your package—the Swedish Massage. 

As you walk into the candlelit treatment room, the soothing music will relax you even more.  Your therapist will question you on your preferred massage pressure, if you have any specific areas you want targeted and if you would like to add a personalised Essential Oil blend to the massage.

You can also add Cold Stones to the massage when you phone to book in, which will help to reduce the swelling in your muscles.  You will rest on a heated bed which will relax you as your preferred pressure of massage is performed on your back, legs, arms and shoulders.

Our Spa Manicure  will give your nails the attention they deserve as they are filed and the cuticles are tidied up, preparing for your polish of choice. You will choose the colour of your choice to finish the manicure—or for longer lasting colour you can add a Shellac colour.

The final treatment is our Dermalogica Spa Custom Facial!  You will again feel soothed with the calming music and soft candle light.  Your therapist will ask you questions about your skin and what results you would like to see after your facial which will be fully customised for your skin type. Your facial will include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage, masque and moisturiser application.  You can add in an Eye Zone Treatment, it’s an eye masque to help refresh your eyes!  The entire time you just relax and let your therapist do all the work!

All good things must come to an end.  But, after more than 3 hours in the Spa, you will be ready to hit the Dublin shops or meet a friend for tea feeling relaxed and pampered.