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The Buff Spa Diva

The Buff Spa Diva €320 (6 hours)

If you are looking for a full day of pampering, this is the package you can’t pass up!  When you walk into the Spa off the busy Dublin City Centre streets, you will be met with an oasis of calm to start your visit.  As you are checking in you will have the chance to choose the sandwich of your choice for your lunch.  The receptionist will then introduce you to the Spa’s Relaxation Area or Tranquillity Room (and Sauna if you would like to use it) before taking you to the changing room where your fluffy gown and slippers await.  You are given time to relax while enjoying a refreshing glass of water or an uplifting herbal tea or coffee.  Your personal journey will begin when your therapist greets you by name and leads you to your first treatment.

As you walk into the candlelit treatment room, the soothing music will relax you even more.  After a few brief questions, your therapist will leave you to get comfortable on the heated bed while she goes to mix up your personalised aromatherapy blend to ease away your cares during this 90 minute Aromatherapy Massage.  Your therapist’s hands will seem to work magic as the massage relieves the tension and stress on your body.   At the end you will feel fully relaxed.

After the massage comes the Full-Body Mineral Salt Scrub.  This full body exfoliation will leave your body polished and your skin soft and glowing!  Your therapist will personalise the scrub by finding out if there are any specific areas you would like her to focus on.  Your skin will feel invigorated as it is buffed with the mineral salts.  A refreshing shower washes away the salt and impurities from your skin.  Once you are fully dry and back on the bed, you are moisturised with our Ultra Rich Body Cream, leaving your skin nourished, soft and glowing!

Your hands are next on the agenda for their pampering session with our Luxury Spa Manicure with Masque.  They enjoy a brisk exfoliation, luxuriating soak, relaxing massage, nourishing masque and soothing moisturiser.  Your fingers will shine after they have been reshaped, cuticles tidied up and the polish of your choice applied!  (You can add in a Shellac or Gel FX colour if you would like a longer-lasting colour to your fingers or toes!)

As your therapist helps you up onto the pedicure throne for your Fabulous Feet Pedicure, your feet will be delighted at their treatment!  Much the same treatment as the Manicure leaves your feet refreshed and your toes wanting to be seen by all!

Along the way you will have been given your tasty lunch to be enjoyed in our relaxation area!  You will feel well rested by now and ready for your final treatment.

Once again you will be led into a relaxing treatment room with soothing music and candles.  Your therapist will have a little chat with you to discover any skin concerns you have and to find out what you would like to achieve from your Dermalogica Spa Custom Facial.  Once you are settled onto your heated bed, your therapist will begin your facial.  Products which suit your skin type will be used to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin.  Your skin rests and soaks in the goodness of the masque as you receive a massage on your head and arms.  During this time, your eyes will also enjoy the Eye Zone Treatment.  A moisturiser is then worked into your skin with a further massage to soothe away any lingering stress.  So you brows don’t feel left out, they will be given a quick tidy and shape!

It has been 5 hours since your journey began!  You will be refreshed and de-stressed, ready to face life with a spring in your step!

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