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Spa Body

Spa Body Treatments

Our Spa Treatments and Body Wraps combine the various benefits of HEAT with the undeniable power of TOUCH to deliver overall skin health. You can now experience a results-oriented body treatment like never before. Every Dermalogica Thermal Body Wrap is customised for your skin condition, designed to target your skin’s most pressing concerns while delivering an amazing sensory experience.



The Buff Ultimate Indulgence – €175 (120 mins)

One of our favourite Signature Treatments… Unwind with a Full Body Massage, completely tailored to your wishes, helping to ease tired, aching muscles. A special blend of Thai Oils is used, providing you with pure relaxation for the mind, body & spirit. Let us treat your back with a skin brightening & soothing treatment. After your stress and tension has melted away, we will finish with a Dermalogica Customised Facial, leaving your skin glowing & revitalised! This treatment is pure heaven and a must for anyone looking for absolute relaxation!

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Dermalogica Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy – €55 (30 mins)

An all over body exfoliation that combines mineral-rich sea salt, dried seaweed and skin smoothing enzymes to leave your skin glowing whilst providing critical hydration and nourishment. Can be customized for sensitive skin to sooth and brighten. Great as a treat before your holiday!

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Dermalogica Beautiful Back – €79 (60 mins)

This is essentially a Dermalogica facial performed on your back which will help keep your back looking clean and clear. Combines a deep cleansing action, deep exfoliation with a 15 minute back massage to relax your muscles and re-energise your body. Excellent for breakouts or before going on holidays.

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Deep Thermal Massage – €125 (90 mins)

Inspired by the practises of 14th century Thai Therapy, this is a customized treatment designed to treat your skin and body concerns. Using heat, the thermal stamp helps ingredients to penetrate into the skin while relaxing and soothing tired muscles. It also helps to detoxify, de-stress and provides relief from skin inflammation. Can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions e.g. toxic accumulation / dryness / dehydration / prematurely aging skin. (Includes Dermalogica Body Mapping™, body exfoliation, thermal touch techniques and thermal stamp massage).

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Total Harmony Signature Treatment – €175 (2.5 hours)

Relax, revitalise and feel renewed with our Total Harmony Signature Treatment. Firstly ease your tired aching muscles in our Sauna. Afterwards, be introduced to the wonders of guided meditation allowing your mind and body to let go. Next you will have a dry body brushing, then you are treated to a fully customized massage using various techniques and essential oils to work on all your target areas of tension. Finish off in our Tranquility Room to enjoy your renewed state of well being & receive a Dermalogica Stress Relief Oil to use at home to prolong the harmony experience.

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Dermalogica’s Thermal Body Wraps – €95 (70 minutes)

Each of Dermalogica’s Thermal Body Wraps are designed to target your skins most pressing concerns whilst delivering an amazing sensory experience. Each Body Wrap includes a Mineral Salt Scrub and complimentary Body MappingTM experience, the skin analysis that review the 14 zones on your body to better tailor the body treatment to your needs. Choose from:

Power Recovery Wrap This is an all over body wrap treatment, which is ideal for clients with prematurely aged, or irritated, dry or peeling skin due to sunburn or environmental assault. This intense wrap feeds your skin with the nourishment it craves, whilst stimulating blood circulation to promote healthier skin, leaving your skin silky smooth to the touch.

Nourishing Sea Mud Wrap This wrap is suitable for all skin conditions and is used as a cleansing and detoxifying treatment. Natural earth clays draw out impurities and help to remove dead skin cells, while Tropical Asian Ginger and White Tea stimulate circulation and smooth skin. Customised essential oils provide aroma therapeutic and skin benefits while Caffeine provides all-over toning. Rest in warming wrap, all while encouraging absorption of nourishing botanicals, leaving skin ultra smooth.

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