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Skin Rejuvenation for Vascular Lesions

Skin Rejuvenation for Vascular Lesions

Launch Price €99 (30 minutes)

Vascular skin conditions refer to when the skin has broken red spider veins or rosacea. Irish skin types seem to be especially prone to these types of skin conditions, with many of us referring to our skin as sensitive. Although there are many products and skin treatments on the market that help to reduce redness in the skin and strengthen capillary walls which is turn reduces the appearance of the broken capillaries and also reduces the chance of future capillary damage, there is no way of removing these vascular lesions without an advanced skin treatment such as skin rejuvenation. For someone who wants to permanently remove this lesion from their skin, we need to target it at its source using light therapy.

Here at The Buff Day Spa, our Skin Rejuvenation treatment for vascular skin conditions is a 30 minute long treatment incorporating a Dermalogica skin treatment, ensuring we treat the skin from in the inside and outside. Our skin rejuvenation light therapy treats the damaged capillaries from the source while your bespoke Dermalogica skin treatment nourishes and soothes your skin from the outside, ensuring you leave with fresh, glowing skin and the results you deserve. Maximum results in minimum time with no downtime needed!


How does the treatment work?

To treat this type of condition we need to work from the deeper layers of the skin as this cannot be treated from the surface as they are damaged capillaries. Skin rejuvenation works by shooting a controlled light pulse onto the affected area. The light pulse is absorbed in the dark-red, oxygen-rich blood of the vessel by the haemoglobin and converted into heat. This causes a sudden heating of the vessel clots the blood and hence, “welds” the vessel shut. The coagulated matter is removed by the body’s lymphatic system. Because skin rejuvenation targets this skin condition at its source, results are often immediately visible after as little as the first treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

This very much depends on the level of the condition we are treating. Results can be visible after the first treatment but people will choose this treatment to treat perhaps one or two broken capillaries or others may have a much more widespread concern. Your therapist can discuss a treatment plan and advise you on how many treatments you may need as part of your consultation.

How often will I need to have the treatments?

For best results we advise treatments about every 4 weeks.

Does the treatment hurt?

We are sending light energy into the skin to create heat so you will feel a sensation during this element of the treatment but it is extremely manageable and very quick. Some people explain they do not find the sensation pleasant whereas others find it absolutely fine. During your consultation, your therapist will complete a patch test which allows you to experience the sensation that you would feel during this stage of the treatment.

What do I need to do before starting a Skin Rejuvenation treatment?

As with all of our advanced skin treatments, we recommend a consultation first to ensure we advise you on the best course of treatments for your specific skin concerns. During this consultation, you can ask your therapist any questions you have about the treatment and results for your skin. As part of the consultation, we will also do a patch test on you. This allows us to make sure you have no skin sensitivity to the treatment but also allows you to experience how the treatment would feel as some people can be apprehensive until they actually feel the sensation from the machine. A consultation is there to ensure your therapist advises you on the best course of action for your personal skin concerns and so you can ask any questions you have.

Is there any downtime from the treatment?

Absolutely not. You may see instant results in the reduction of redness in the treated areas and this combined with your bespoke Dermalogica skin treatment means your skin is left fresh and glowing. It is also quick enough that you could do the treatment on your lunch break or after work but our spa facilities are also available if you would like to make the most of your time with us.

Post treatment care

Your therapist will advise you on your own personal post treatment care, concentrating on improving your skin health.