*At present, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer reflexology treatment.*

Reflexology – €65 (60 mins) First visit with consultation
Reflexology – €55 (45 mins) Subsequent visits with in 6 weeks

Incorporating an unbeatable combination of luxury, pampering and health benefits, reflexology is a special treatment not to be missed! With a history beginning in such places as China, Japan, Egypt and Russia, reflexology has a rich tradition in many cultures. The foot is literally a mini-map of the body, split into ten sections (five on each foot) termed as meridians or zones whereby working within one area will have a positive effect on all the other parts (providing even more benefit).

Each foot, when treated by one of our expertly trained therapists, will be skilfully worked on in such a way as to check you for imbalances. Then the remedy will begin by manipulating certain reflexes (areas) in a sequence to aid the body to look after itself in the future. Reflexology works through acupressure and this sends messages to the cells of the body leading to positive re-education should there be an imbalance. Regular sessions help to bring the entire body back to a state of wellness.

Your first visit will last for sixty minutes which includes an initial consultation, crucially important so that the therapist can ascertain your true needs. Subsequent visits (if within six weeks) will be of forty five minutes in duration.

With over four thousand years of wisdom behind this wonderful therapy, you receive pleasure with a focus on your health. Recommended as a preventative measure, to help with general body maintenance, or for specific health conditions ranging from minor ailments to all sorts of health-related conditions. Basically your body will be taught to work efficiently for itself in a natural and healing way.

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