Quick, Safe, Effective Hair Removal starting from €23.

The Buff Day Spa established since 2002, located just off Grafton Street in Dublin City Centre, where we  provide professional Laser Hair Removal treatments using Eneka PRO medical grade Diode Laser for permanent & pain free Hair Removal.



  • 5000W power to guarantee the best results even on fine, residual hair.
  • FDA approved.
  • Quick, safe and effective hair removal with painless treatments.
  • Reduces ingrown hairs.
  • Treats all skin and hair types regardless of the colour or thickness of hair.
  • Gets rid of razor burn / bumps.
  • Helps eliminate dark patches and hair follicles showing through the skin even after shaving.
  • Helps reduce acne and rashes from shaving.
  • And helps overall skin texture and complexion.


Results are guaranteed on all skin types and phototypes due to the high power, large spot size and multiple wavelengths. Eneka PRO incorporates a cooling system that maintains the handpiece tip cold which minimises pain and protects the skin.
I started my Eneka course four weeks ago, I can see straight away a huge improvement on my skin without any problem of inflamed follicle.
I can see an immediate reduction of hair and slowing of the hair growth cycle.
I’ve had amazing results from my treatment and it’s given me so much confidence.
It’s great to not have to constantly worry about excess facial hair.
Definitely Highly recommend!!

I have gotten 3 laser treatments so far with the Eneka Machine. I get Upper Lip and Underarm. Usually, I would have to shave my underarms every day and wax my upper lip every few weeks.
I was nervous to try laser on my lip as I had never shaved my lip before. However, after my first treatment, I already noticed a difference in the hair growth – it was a lot less.
The treatment itself is definitely pain-free, it is the most comfortable laser I have ever tried. There is a slight sensation during the treatment but nothing like the pain of waxing!
Now after my third treatment I can notice amazing results, I actually haven’t had to shave in over a week! I will continue with the 6 sessions every 4 weeks to make sure I get even better results. The best thing about getting laser hair removal is knowing that I won’t have to worry so much about shaving, especially when I am away on holiday. As soon as I am back I will book other areas such as Bikini and legs!